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Error Copying File

Error Copying XXX.mdb file

This error message may include any of the .mdb files that make up the AccessBase or AccessBase2000 installation. This error occurs when an installation is moved between computers using a CD to transfer the installation. Any time a file is burned to a CD, it is given the Read-Only attribute. This is done to protect the file, but the problem arises when you copy the installation from the CD to the new computer’s Installations folder; the Read-Only attribute is not changed back to Read/Write.

To correct this condition and make the database usable again:

Note: Make sure AccessBase or AccessBase2000 is not running.

  1. One: Open Windows Explorer and go to the Installations folder:
Windows XP
  • AccessBase C:\Program files\AccessBase v1.52\Installations
  • (or) C:\program Files\AccessBase\Installations
  • AccessBase2000 C:\Program Files\AccessBase2000\Installations
Windows Vista or Windows 7:
  • AccessBase C:\AccessBase v1.52\Installations
  • (or) C:\AccessBase\Installations
  • AccessBase2000 C:\AccessBase2000\Installations
  1. Right click on the folder with the name of your installation and click Properties.
  2. Uncheck Read-only and click OK.
  3. Select Apply changes to this folder, subfolders, and files, and then click OK.
  4. Close all the windows, start AccessBase or AccessBase2000 and open the installation.
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