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How do I reset initial Network Controller IP and Login settings?

Resetting Initial Network Controller Login Settings

This procedure will normally not be necessary unless the IP address or login name and password are unknown. When this procedure is completed the items below are reset as indicated.

  1. The controller IP address is reset to
  2. The netmask is reset to .
  3. The controller web server port is reset to 80.
  4. The default Administrator’s account is reset to: Username = "admin” Password = "admin.”
  5. The interface language is reset to English.
To reset the network controller initial login settings:
  1. Power down the eMerge. To ensure that the security database is properly saved reboot the software and then power down. The reboot procedure includes saving the security database. Select Setup : System Maintenance : Utilities : System Shutdown.
  2. Click the Shutdown Now button.
  3. Place a jumper across the NC Revert1 jumper on the controller module.
  4. Power up the eMerge. First you should hear three beeps from the controller indicating that it has found the jumper. This is followed by two beeps indicating that the process is complete.
  5. Power down the eMerge and remove the jumper from NC Revert1.
  6. Power up the eMerge.
  7. Point your browser at, and login using "admin” as the username and "admin” as the password.
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