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My doorbell stopped working. Can you help?

If you have an intercom system which has a 4-wire door station, and your doorbell (or chime) has stopped working, please follow these steps in order to troubleshoot the problem:
  1. Check the master unit to ensure all of the volume levels are set correctly and the room switches are all set to Radio/Intercom.
  2. Go to the front door station and remove it from the wall.
  3. Remove the two wires going to the back of the bell button
  4. Short them together (by pressing the bare wires together).
    1. If you hear the chime inside the house, the problem is the bell button. Replace the door station.
    2. If you do not hear the chime, continue with further testing.
  5. Go to the master unit and remove it from the wall. Be careful as you pull the master forward so as not to pull any wires loose.
  6. Behind the master you will find a chime module, which is a small circuit board about 3" square. (If you have an MC111 master, the chime is actually located inside the master unit.)
  7. Disconnect the wires attached to the Common and Note terminals.
  8. Using a short wire, or a screwdriver, short the Common and Note terminals on the chime board.
    1. If you hear the chime, the problem is in the wire between the door and the master.
    2. If you do not hear the chime, then replace the chime module. Current chime modules are MC3 (3-note chine) and MC8 (8-note chime).
  9. Replacing the chime you can do yourself and is relatively inexpensive (again, if you do not have an MC111 master). If replacing the chime does not work, then you will need to have the master looked at.
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